About Guirizano

Who I am

Guirizano Guide at wine tasting in Sherry Winery in Jerez de la FronteraGuirizano? Not sure what that means? Well, very simple: a Guiri jerezano! A "Guiri" (we say „Giri“) is here in a foreigner, especially a non-Spanish-speaking. This is usually meant benevolently, maybe with a little smile. And "zano" (pronounced "ssano") comes from "Jerezano", the inhabitants of Jerez de la Frontera. In short, a "foreign citizen in Jerez". :-)

The Guirizano is Andreas, a native German who has lived in Andalusia for many years. Many people here call me "Guirizano", so I've adopted this nickname and even use it as a "pseudonym" for my activities in local tourism. Fits!

What I do

I founded "Guirizano Experience Jerez", a small business based in Jerez de la Frontera. In addition to working in my language school Idiomario, where I teach German and Spanish, I like to share with guests the passion for my adopted home, because I'm a culture-enthusiast and I love this region, its unique wines, its flamenco and its horses. In this way, I have gained a lot of experience as a tourist guide in various emblematic institutions of the region, for example in the Carthusian Stud or in several bodegas in Jerez, and perhaps from the Guirizano's "intermediary perspective" could give the guests something interesting.

Sherry workshop with Guirizano Guide in Jerez de la FronteraAt the same time, I am constantly learning new things and together with the background of my studies in history, politics and linguistics, the picture becomes more and more complete. I am also a tireless Sherry Explorer, keep on learning, e.g. at wine tastings, trade fairs or in seminars and I am certified by the Regulatory Council as a "specialist in wine tourism" for the Sherry region around Jerez. All this in order to be able to offer the interested visitors a quality service.

Experience with me this authentic city and its hospitable people. Immerse yourself in the local culture, history(s) and gastronomy, feel at home and make your visit to Jerez an entertaining, personalized discovery tour. Have fun!

Por cierto, para las agencias y empresas turísticas españolas tengo también esta página web en español.

Certificado Técnico Enoturismo Andreas Rottmann Diploma Patrimonio Cultural Jerez Andreas Rottmann