Worth seeing in Jerez
What to do in Jerez de la Frontera? What should one have seen or experienced? Quite a lot of things! Here are a few tips for travellers and visitors.

The list of sights and activities is long. But of course it depends entirely on you, for example on your interests, the season of your trip or the time you have for visit.

The main historic buildings of Jerez include the Alcázar Moorish fortress and the San Salvador Cathedral, right in the center of the city. Both cost a little entry, but it's worth it. Other important churches are San Miguel and Santiago, both located in the districts of the same names. Also recommended are the Claustros de Santo Domingo, the cloisters of the Santo Domingo monastery. Entry is free. A beautiful place where cultural events such as concerts or exhibitions also take place regularly. We must not forget the many impressive city palaces, which include the Bertemati Palace, the Domecq Palace or the Palace of the "Count of the Andes". The latter is still inhabited by the owners, was extensively renovated and can be visited easily. It is located on Pozuelo Street, just behind the tourist information office. A beautiful zambomba always takes place in the garden of this palace in December.

There are several museums in Jerez: The Archaeological Museum offers a good overview of the history of the city and the region since the Paleolithic Age. The Watch Museum, which is well worth seeing, is typically housed in the "Palace of Time". The Andalusian Riding School houses an Museum of Equestrian Art and not far away, opposite the Bodega Sandeman, we find the Carriage Museum. The Andalusian Center for Flamenco is not a museum in that sense, but is still worth a visit. At this point also the animal park should be mentioned, which should be interesting especially for families with children. And we certainly do not need to tell the motorsport fans among you that the official racetrack is very close, where the World Motorcycle Championship will be held in May, for example.

Of course, wine enthusiasts or those interested in them must visit one of the bodegas (winery) or even several, because they all have their own charm, and Sherry is not the same as Sherry. There are some downtown bodegas that offer tours while others are on the outskirts. In a few cases, it is also possible to visit the bodega vineyards, which is undoubtedly an important and interesting aspect of Sherry production.

Jerez is so conveniently located, in an area with agriculture and cattle, near the coast, but not far from the mountains that the local gastronomy benefits enormously from the variety of ingredients. The menu is accordingly varied, whether we fancy tapas, a dish or a full menu. You can check it out in one of the many restaurants, bars, and so-called Mostos, or in the central market hall. Special mention deserves a very typical and authentic kind of bar: the Tabancos. Here you can enjoy tapas and sherry on tap, as well as live Flamenco. Of course you can also experience it in one of the many flamenco peñas (clubs) or sometimes even spontaneously on the street.

Horse lovers will have at least two high-profile visits: the Andalusian Riding School (Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art) in Jerez with its unique show "How the Andalusian Horses Dance" and the Carthusian stud farm "Yeguada de la Cartuja", a bit outside Jerez, where the famous Carthusian Horses are bred.

Well, got the taste? This is only a small selection and we have certainly forgotten many interesting things, places and activities, but a visit to Jerez is definitely worth it. By the way: if you come to Jerez in the nice month of May ... oleeeee, time of Feria!